Smartphone Maker Huawei Working On Its Own Mobile OS

There have been rumors for a while that smartphone maker Huawei has been working on their own mobile operating system, this is something that the company has denied in the past.

Now Huawei have confirmed that they are in the process of developing their own mobile OS, although they have said that the OS is being built as a ‘back up’ in the event that other companies will not let it use their software.

Huawei Ascend

“We’re also devoting resources into coming up with a phone operating system based on our current platform in case other companies won’t let us use their system one day,” CEO Wan Biao told Reuters in an interview.

There are no details as yet on how far along the development process they are for this new mobile OS, and also no details on exactly what it is like, it will be interesting to see if Huawei decide to use their own OS on devices in the future.


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